To become an office manager, a person needs to be very skilled with administration, human resources, and communications. When you apply for a position like this, it is best to evaluate your skills in these areas and then write out your office manager resume objectives. Each objective statement should emphasize your experience in the field, you ability to handle personnel, your communication skills, and any other talents you have that will help you in this position.
Becoming an office manager tends to be slightly easier if you have an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in a field such as office administration, business management, human resources, or finances. However, you don’t absolutely need a degree in order to find a position in this field. In the absence of a formal college education, you will need a higher level of experience in management, office administration, and human resources. Fortunately, there are many different fields which can eventually lead you to secure a position as an office manager.
When you prepare your own statements, you should make sure to highlight your most essential experience, your compatibility with the organization’s mission, and any unique skills you have that make you better suited for the company than another candidate. The sample office manage resume objectives presented below offer an excellent starting point, but you should make sure to tailor them in a way that fits your unique personality and skill set.

Office Manager Objectives:

  • To secure a position with Northwestern Associates in an office manager position which will challenge me to set a strong motivational pace for the office while utilizing my attention to detail and human resource skills.
  • Seeking a full-time office manager position with Reddering Electronics which will provide me with professional challenges while fully utilizing my attention to detail, ability to schedule complex projects, and administrative experience in a way that will help the company excel.
  • To secure employment as an office manager with Garceau Industries where my experience in administration will be put to good use in terms of inspiring employees to give their best and to improve the overall production of the company significantly.
  • Seeking to gain a role as a full-time office manager with Keenan, Leshu, and Associates so I can experience new professional challenges while also obtaining a position which will fully utilize the variety of skills and experiences that I have accumulated through years of work in the office management field.
  • To demonstrate my long experience and high level of qualification as an office manager in a manner which will open the door to a full-time position with Middlestate Industries where my personnel management and communication skills can help improve the company’s overall level of efficiency.
  • To provide the very best office manager skill set and experience to fill the open position with Bourdeau Associates, using my talents as a motivator and my strong attention to detail to make sure that the company continues to offer the high level of service that it has become known for.