Any resume needs a strong objective statement, but this is especially true for police officers, since so much needs to be included in such a statement. These sample police officer resume objectives give a feel for the kind of statements you might want to make. An ideal objective sentence should convey a love of law and order, physical fitness, and the ability to stay calm in high-pressure situations.

Use these police officer resume objectives as a starting point when setting up your own resume statement. Remember to include the name of the area you are applying to so the people reading your statement know that you aren’t just copying and pasting in many different applications.

Police Officer Objectives:

  • Seeking a position as a police officer within the Dover Police Precinct which will allow me to enforce the law, place me in challenging situations, and give me an opportunity to improve the quality of service in underprivileged areas.
  • To procure employment with the Burlington City Police Department in a capacity that will satisfy my desire to protect suburban neighborhoods, make sure that young people stay out of trouble, and reduce the crime rate as a whole.
  • To secure a role with the California State Police and Highway Patrol that will allow me to keep motorists safe, prevent the traffic of illegal substances into the state, and uphold the strong image that the department has with the public.
  • To earn a full-time permanent position within the Texas State Police that will allow me to ensure the safety of communities, challenge me physically, and use my intuition and attention to detail to their fullest.
  • Seeking a position as a police officer in a capacity which requires me to be physically active at times, to ensure the proper use of protocol while on duty, and to interact with community contacts within the Bergen County Police District.
  • To secure a role as a police officer on the Granby Town Police Department team which will allow me to interact with law enforcement professionals and use my knowledge of police protocol to ensure a safer and happier community.
  • Seeking to make a local impact with the Providence Police Department through a position which requires me to use all of my many years of experience, my organizational skills, and my ability to uphold the well-being of the local community.
  • Looking to make an impact as an officer with the Chittenden Country Police District in a way which will allow me to prevent crime before it becomes a threat to the larger community, communicate with my fellow officers in upholding the law, and help to ensure that the youth community stays on the right track.
  • To add my experience and expertise to the Middlebury Police Department in a manner which will challenge me both physically and mentally while also ensuring that I am helping my community and making the area at large a better place to live.