ASL Interpreter Cover Letter

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Linda Ventura
906 Gateway Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93301
Sep 24, 2010
Ms. Michelle Bruns
Purple Communications
1451 Ryder Avenue
Everett, WA 98204

Dear Ms. Bruns,
I am responding to an ad I saw that was requesting resumes for an ASL Interpreter. I feel that my personality and appearance make me a good candidate for any interpreting assignments I may be required to fulfill when working for Purple Communications.
In summary, my background and history are provided in order to show how I can benefit Purple Communications:
•I have been studying American Sign Language for over 6 years and am fully fluent in all aspects of it.
• Am as comfortable in front of a large audience as I am in interpreting for one or two people.
•It is not a problem for me to work in front of a video camera and I can comfortably sign under pressure with or without a script that has been provided beforehand.
Sign interpreting is not just an individual task and it takes an entire team at times to get a program together and delivered to the public. I feel my public relation skills along with my signing ability would be a great asset to Purple Communications.
I’d be very happy to meet at any time to further discuss my educational and professional background in ASL Interpreting. My phone number is (999)-184-5945 and email is [email] if you would like to contact me to set up a meeting time.
Linda Ventura
Encl: Resume

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