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Winifred Marco
1820 Westfall Avenue
Truth Or Consequences, NM 87901

Ms. My Tovar
The QED Group
1623 Kooter Lane
Charlotte, NC 28202

Dear Ms. My Tovar,

I am applying for the Gender Specialist position at The QED Group.

I have a master’s degree in mental health counseling and for the last two years, I have worked as an assistant to a highly respected Gender Specialist where I gained valuable experience in this industry. I have the training and skills to counsel individuals with gender-identity issues and to help them learn how to cope with the many issues they must deal with every day.

I am familiar with the unusual expressions and personalities often associated with individuals suffering from identity problems. I have the knowledge and training needed to diagnosis mental health problems and then to evaluate the mental state of the patients. I also have the training to recommend the proper treatment for sexual disorders and other health issues based on the individual patient.

I also have the ability to both recognize and diagnose different mental health problems affecting patients in addition to the gender dysphoria, which play a major role in their overall health and well-being.

I am an effective communicator with the ability to listen carefully to the patients. I completely understand the psychiatric and psychosocial aspects and other issues that transgender clients deal with daily. I am also familiar with the complete transition and the progression process, which makes it possible to find the right counseling technique for each individual.

I have excellent decision-making and problem-solving skills with the ability to find solutions to help these patients deal with their problems. I also stay current on all technologies and any new information associated with gender dysphoria. I have the qualifications your facility is searching for in a Gender Specialist.

Please call (111)-222-1586 to arrange an interview.


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Winifred Marco

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