Martial Arts Instructor Cover Letter

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Leo Eads
3405 Church Street
Bronx, NY 10461

Jan 22, 2013

Ms. Flora Moss
TalTeam Inc
4202 Ferry Street
Gadsden, AL 35901

Dear Ms. Moss,

I am the Martial Arts Instructor that your company is looking for and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to become a permanent employee with TalTeam Inc.

I started training in Martial Arts when I was very young. I now hold a black belt and I have a real desire to teach others these amazing self-defense techniques. I know the history behind Martial Arts and I can pass this information along with the traditions and values associated with it to the students, so they will fully understand what they are learning.

I have the ability to plan each class, administer exams and to handle the administrative side of being an instructor. I have the ability to stay organization in order to cover everything from self-discipline to the actual techniques used in this sport. I have the time to be available to answer any questions the students may have and to provide a little extra help for those having trouble keeping up.

I have the patience and interpersonal skills to work with and train children as well as adults to teach them self-defense techniques. I can teach students in a safe and controlled manner to prevent accidents and to reduce the risk of injuries. I can communicate in a clear manner in a way that anyone can understand and I have the ability to change my teaching methods to match the age and skills of my students.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (111)-858-5606 and I hope to meet with you soon.


Your Signature

Leo Eads

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