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January 6, 2010
Professor Manfield
Dean, Department of Environmental Science
University of California-Santa Cruz
Dear Professor Manfield,
I write to apply for the position of Lecturer, in the Department of Environmental Science at University of California-Santa Cruz. Enclosed you will find my most current resume, which includes my various educational publications, research proposals, and lectures.
Briefly, I have over ten years in professional teaching in Environmental Sciences at the university level, and over five working on research for various studies in the field. During this time, I have gained and developed upon already solid learning and teaching skills, and found the most successful means of educating to be in lecturer and participation session with students. Through a calculated partnership of organization of curriculum, teaching materials, and classroom implementation; I have been able to successfully teach varying concepts in Environmental Science-in an engaging way that promotes participation. Given the opportunity, I would bring this talent and experience to the University of California-Santa Cruz.

While there are a number of research projects I have in mind for my possible time at UC-Santa Cruz, my primary research interests are in the current climate of deforestation, and its effect on the environment. I know that this project would greatly interest many students.
Imminently, I will be sending letters of recommendation from a number of sources in my professional career to include education superiors while following up post doctorate study, as well as a supervisor from my university teaching.
Thank you so much for your time, and please feel free to contact me at (999)999-9999 to schedule an interview.
Thomas Makeley
Encl: Resume

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