Cover Letter for an Administrative Coordinator Job Position

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The administrative coordinator field is one of the most varied out there. Somebody in this position might be asked to serve as a manager in any number of industries or might be charged with coordinating a complex project for the long term.
Administrative coordinators are expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, with some candidates pursuing master’s degrees. Experience in an office environment is also highly desirable.
Individuals in this position should expect to work with a team of people which may or may not change on a regular basis. Administrative coordinators can be found in virtually every industry and usually have specialized skills in their particular fields. However, the essential organizational and management skills are universal.
A sample cover letter for this position can be found below. The letter format should be customized depending on the employer and industry you hope to work in.

Walter Warren
83 Wright Place
Austin, TX 78610
March 11, 2014
Mr. Scott Summers
Office Administrator
Addison Accounting
131 Accounting Drive
Austin, TX 78610
Dear Mr. Summers,
I am writing to express my interest in the Administrative Coordinator position at Addison Accounting. I have a bachelor’s degree in office administration and five years of experience working in various accounting offices throughout the state. I am well-versed in communications, personnel management, and project coordination. I believe that I have all the skills required to perform the job admirably and would be very excited to join your team.
I have spent the five years since my graduation from the University of Texas working in many different office environments, usually with a focus on accounting. Beginning as an administrative assistant with the accounting office of Mary Butler, CPA, I eventually moved into a supervisory role with Austin Community Hospital. Since my start there, I now focus on learning new personnel and resource management techniques, enterprise-level organizational skills, and interoffice communications. Everything I have learned thus far has given me the skills and expertise needed to excel as an administrative coordinator.
I have a high level of energy and am very capable of multitasking while managing many different projects. I am familiar with all Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite programs. During my time at Austin Community Hospital I was trusted with project management responsibilities and have shown a capability of working within deadlines as needed. I take a detail oriented approach to all tasks that I undertake and would continue this high level of coordination with your company.
Enclosed please find a copy of my resume, which provides a full breakdown of my education and professional experience. I hope you find that my qualifications meet your desires, and I would love a chance to interview for this position in person. You can reach me by telephone at (512) 999-1111 or by email at [email] I will return any voice mail messages promptly and I am usually able to respond to email messages within a few hours. Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to speak about this exciting opportunity with you soon.
Walter Warren
Enclosed: Resume

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