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Plant Accountant Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate and maintain accuracy of general ledger.

Reconcile all accounts within required timeframe and prepare all monthly bank reports.

Analyze all financial records and assist consolidate all financial statements.

Ensure compliance to all local, state and Federal regulations and oversee all payroll and account payable and receivable functions.

Administer all attendance programs for all employees.

Assist all plant supervisors to manage all disciplinary activities.

Maintain records for all plant activities and assist to recruit all required staffs.

Provide required training to all staff and perform regular credit checks on all customers and sales managements.

Provide appropriate employee benefit programs.

Prepare all required correspondence and maintain all accounting files on computer and ensure accuracy of same.

Administer and reconcile all system account on monthly basis and manage all cash disbursement issues.

Maintain accuracy for same and perform audit on all annual budget processes.

Monitor all petty cash for plant and manage all everyday disbursements.

Identify all appropriate systems and procedures to maintain efficiency of all financial information.

Evaluate all plant documents and ensure compliance to federal and state labor laws.

Recommend strategies to plant controller and maintain knowledge on all current trends and provide training to all accounting and benefit regulations.

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