Customer Care Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Manage daily activities of customer portals and specific protocols and maintain efficient customer care services.

Evaluate all orders and monitor all specific conditions in same.

Analyze processes, inform supervisor on issues that aggravate customer complaint and recommend resolution.

Manage customer requirement through various compliance manuals and portal updates and present it to supervisor.

Collaborate with various customers and departments and provide efficient customer care.

Assist customer through telephone and provide necessary services.

Administer customer inquiries, maintain records of shipment and ensure delivery proofs for products.

Maintain dispatch details of products, process order and time and inform customer of status.

Coordinate with distributors, sales representatives and customers and ensure optimal level of customer care services and maintain

customer satisfaction.

Monitor and resolve all customer issues efficiently and ensure customer retention to organization.

Manage all customer phone calls and inform on various available products and associate pricing on same.

Perform research and identify opportunity for sales and convert it to order.

Assist customers to various departments according to inquiries.

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