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International Student Advisor Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare documents for all intensive English programs and ensure compliance to all federal policies and regulations.

Provide assistance to all international students for all visa related issues and provide appropriate training for efficient immigration services.

Maintain records for all visa holders and update same as required for all F and J visa holders.

Administer all international exchange programs and provide health insurance programs for all students and scholars and assist in providing orientation for same.

Prepare proposals to provide sponsorship for international students and supervise efficient working of all international programs.

Monitor all international student services and provide information to all international students on federal immigration rules and resources and services available for use.

Organize various orientation programs and workshops for all international students and coordinate with campus student service providers.

Oversee international admission proves and evaluate all foreign credit and provide support to all international programs.

Determine and update all SEVIS processing files and organize various immigration workshops.

Coordinate with executive directors and prepare multiple reports for all federal and state agencies and monitor legal status of all students.

Provide orientation programs for all activities and manage all undergraduate and graduate students for international programs.

Coordinate with faculty and staff members across departments and perform all duties as required.

Analyze all materials for incoming and outgoing students and provide assistance to all J-1 scholars.

Provide administrative support to all international admissions.

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