Trade Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Provide technical and analytical support to Southern Wine & Spirits senior management along with sales organizations.

Support evaluation of large amounts of marketing, sales and consumer data with strategic vendor partners and prime retail chain customers.

Support maintenance, coding as well as cleansing of key data sources.

Customize business reviews for vendor meetings as well as chain headquarters.

Develop custom reports plus presentations for specific areas, particular time period measures, chain specific, geographic regions, category, shelf as well as product analyses.

Report to trade manager and analyst performing closely within logistics team to evaluate equipment levels as well as allocate resources.

Facilitate supervising vessel utilization and help to maximize available vessel space usage.

Supervise daily bookings and develop daily reports plus forecasts.

Evaluate cargo mix activities, calculate and provide pricing information to all internal departments.

Write and present reports of estimated government actions as well as upcoming events.

Evaluate regulatory and congressional process pertinent to trade analysis.

Monitor closely relevant events in respective industry.

Prepare potential policy scenarios and analyze probable impact of every scenario.

Perform with team to quantify government actions impact on business plus industry.

Evaluate and report implications of government contract awards, appropriations legislation and governmental decisions for industries and businesses.

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