Cocktail Server Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with manager at beginning of every shift to complete all duties efficiently and inform all guest of menu change.

Monitor all meals for guests and provide optimal experience to all guests and initiate all food and beverage orders and ensure optimal level of guest satisfaction.

Facilitate service of all food and beverages to guests and ensure compliance to all standards and manage all communication with customers and ensure satisfaction with all cocktail service.

Maintain knowledge on all houses drink recipes and maintain account of all sales and discounts and ensure compliance to all cash handling procedures of outlet.

Prepare and maintain knowledge on food menu and prepare all drink levels and assist to set table.

Ensure compliance with all state alcohol requirements and provide friendly services to all guests.

Administer and handle money according to required procedure and monitor all alcohol consumption of guests.

Coordinate with all customers and assist in publicity photographs and coordinate with total rewards center to promote various cocktail programs.

Assist all beverage servers and bartenders and provide personalize services to all guests.

Identify and resolve all issues according to required cocktail guideline and manage all check payments.

Provide optimal level of customer services and ensure all cocktail consumption for all adults and handle all cash and maintain neat and clean area at all times.

Maintain neat and clean area and provide safe practices to all employees and guests.

Monitor all alcohol beverages according to state policies and provide training to all employees.

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