User Experience Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop User Experience (UE) roadmaps for client-facing self-service along with applications, systems and interfaces for employees use.

Develop effective and well-branded user experience throughout multiple online properties.

Ensure to drive innovation across User-Centered Design practice.

Prepare strategic decisions as well as trade-offs based on project priority.

Identify projects for partnership along with department leaders and varied key partners.

Lead collaboration through online and offline product, marketing and operations.

Develop and present strategic recommendations to entire leadership team and various executives for online, mobile properties plus employee-facing tools.

Translate some team’s work into functionality, features and content.

Manage teams of user experience designers and editors, researchers, interaction designers and developers etc.

Recommend best approaches for implementation of user experience.

Collaborate with various teams to design end-to-end chain of services, systems and human interactions.

Prepare strategies and implement plans for cross-channel to assist customer-facing self service.

Identify improvement areas plus prospective competitive advantage for advanced research as well as exploration.

Identify and manage required budgets for user experience.

Ensure to prioritize User-Centered Design projects, improvements and content as per enterprise priorities as well as Experience Systems.

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