Claim Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Provide daily support to claim staff on claim managing and filing activities.

Ensure that claim team follows state regulations and standard operating procedures.

Assist claim personnel in coverage investigation, liability analysis and settlement negotiation.

Develop best practices to optimize claim processing quality.

Evaluate professional skills of claim staffs and provide appropriate claim assignments to them.

Establish expense reserves for claim investigations.

Resolve coverage issues and approve coverage denials.

Perform claim negotiation and confirm settlement amount.

Document claim assessment and filing activities accurately.

Oversee medical, insurance and legal aspects of assigned claims.

Interact with Claimant, Attorneys, Polices and other public to achieve claim settlement.

Assist in hiring and training new candidates in their job responsibilities.

Monitor individual performance and ensure it meets expected quality and performance objectives.

Develop professional development plans for employees to improve performance efficiency.

Assist in employee performance evaluation, promotion, retention and termination activities.

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