Intelligence Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Provide optimal level of services to community and fellow citizens and provide strength to national defense programs.

Provide optimal level of customer services for all products and maintain accountability of all activities and actions performed.

Analyze and recommend innovative solutions for all issues and perform work in partnership with both internal and external teams.

Monitor efficient working of defense intelligence team and coordinate with collectors to evaluate all technical enhancements to program and integrate various TTL technologies to operations.

Administer all sensitive data projects and ensure completion according to customer requirements and monitor all intelligence activities to provide support to various unit operations.

Design and implement various internal and external training programs for unit and maintain accurate reports to provide support to all operational intelligence programs.

Administer various unit intelligence mobility programs and ensure compliance to all program policies and procedures.

Supervise all intelligence programs according to operational requirements and analyze data to ensure achievement of all objectives.

Establish all adversary requirements and calculate all intelligence requirement estimates and coordinate with various operation team for efficient deployment of systems.

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