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Logistic Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop logistics along with support plans, budget requirements and deployment timelines for new operations.

Develop logistical plans for current operations and logistics contingency plans.

Prepare plans for liquidation and downsizing.

Develop and execute tools and methodologies to enable effective implementation of logistic plans.

Design and develop standard operating methods to manage logistics operations efficiently.

Ensure accountable, timely and cost-effective release of peacekeeping cargos along with personnel.

Ensure all supervised staff members are trained as well as cross-trained adequately.

Identify added logistic training requirements to attain high working standards.

Coordinate and present logistics support to ongoing land, air, rail and river operations.

Ensure logistics requirements take gender-specific needs into consideration.

Coordinate logistics activities related to procurement, funding, substantive units and humanitarian affairs.

Develop and execute logistics support policy, processes and methodologies to general benefit of all mission units.

Develop reports on material and personnel movements and various operational logistics problems.

Involve in technical survey missions for new assignments and pre-deployment corroboration visits to troop contributing countries.

Guide and oversee performance of new and junior logistics officers.

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