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EKG Technician Responsibilities and Duties

Record electromotive variations in heart muscle areas by moving electrodes along specific chest area.

Review electrocardiogram for all patterns and attach electrodes to legs, arms and chest.

Attach electrocardiograph electrodes and Holter monitor to record information.

Edit and forward final test results to analyze and interpret data.

Review on different ages and conditions by considering patient’s physiological and physical needs.

Operate EKG equipment like treadmills, pacemaker, event and holter monitor.

Apply lead patients to assure possible recording.

Conduct event monitor and Holter application, treadmill testing and signal average ECG and 12 lead ECG.

Draft paperwork and interpret EKG for patient hospitalization.

Engage as team member in non-invasive procedures like cardiac profusion and treadmill testing.

Support paperwork and maintain complete cardiac procedures copies.

Communicate and establish positive interpersonal relationship.

Acknowledge and attend emergency issues on time.

Notify supervisor on repairs and maintain equipment in functioning order.

Test and monitor patient’s heart rate and blood pressure under physician’s directions.

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