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X Ray Tech Responsibilities and Duties

X-Ray TechCoordinate with various members of population and perform appropriate x-rays for same.

Supervise efficient treatment for patients and conduct appropriate diagnosis for patients.

Maintain and perform regular inspection on all x-ray equipments.

Monitor equipments and ensure clean equipments to perform appropriate diagnosis.

Manage and ensure efficient disposal of various waste material.

Evaluate all x-ray films and coordinate with physicians on same.

Assist patients with abnormal x-ray finding and provide results to physicians for appropriate evaluation.

Maintain records of all X-ray and prepare reports for same.

Prepare and update logbook and register patient number, x-ray procedure and date of procedure.

Ensure and maintain records of x-ray films and associate cassettes.

Schedule appointments for patients appropriate x-ray clinics.

Manage radiographs, prepare solutions and wash all x-ray films.

Assist patients to prepare for x-ray and operate associate machinery.

Manage and operate x-ray machine according to patient specification.

Evaluate angle and range of equipments and assist in appropriate results.

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