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Production Scheduler Responsibilities and Duties

Work with Manager to plan and coordinate production schedules.

Review production specifications and identify and report plant capacity constraints.

Resolve manpower and material shortage problems in a timely manner.

Develop weekly production status reports for Manager.

Monitor workflow and schedules to ensure on-time delivery.

Ensure that materials and equipment are prearranged for production.

Coordinate with Manager to develop and execute production plan.

Work with Managers to develop potential solutions to improve production performance.

Develop effective scheduling process to achieve production objectives.

Analyze and address production issues in a timely fashion.

Coordinate with production, purchasing and finance teams to develop and maintain scheduling parameters.

Order and stock adequate materials to avoid any shortages.

Schedule job trainings to staffs to meet production goals.

Oversee routine equipment maintenances to avoid outages and repairs during production.

Generate production reports to Managers for critical decision making purposes.

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