Professional Resume Objective Examples

A job-winning resume always starts with a high-quality, objective statement. Your resume objective summarizes precisely what you, as a candidate, offer the employer for the job you’re applying to.

Look through our collection of outstanding resume objective samples and examples - all crafted by professional resume writers.

7 Pillars of the Best Resume Objective Statements

To sum up everything we’ve talked about so far, we gathered Great Sample Resumes’s 7 “pillars” for resume objective statements:

  1. Resume objectives sit at the top of a resume
  2. Focus on professional skills and achievements
  3. Target your objective statement to each employer’s values and needs
  4. Keep it short, 3-5 sentences max
  5. Use short, direct phrases
  6. Identify and use keywords from the job post
  7. Start strong – use a quantifiable fact or statistic

Professional Resume Objective Samples

Check out some more resume objective samples below:

General resume objective example:

General Resume Objective Example

Software developer resume objective example:

Software developer resume objective example

Auditor resume objective example:

Auditor resume objective example

Sales resume objective example:

Sales resume objective example

Teacher resume objective example:

Teacher resume objective example

Accountant resume objective example:

Accountant resume objective example

Web developer resume objective example:

Web developer resume objective example

Manager resume objective example:

Manager resume objective example

Learn More About Resume Objectives

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Your resume is your ultimate marketing tool during the job hunt. A strong resume consists of strong content: acquired skills, professional qualifications, work history, education, and training credentials. However, your brilliant career path can come to a screeching halt if you fail to snag a recruiter's attention.

Recent studies revealed that recruiters scan resumes in 6 seconds or less. Six seconds! Your only hope to pass that initial skim is to write a compelling and eye-catching resume objective.

The resume objective of the past outlined your professional hopes and dreams. Today, your resume objective quickly showcases your professional achievements and demonstrates how you alone can help advance the company.

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Expert Tip: Skim the job listing or advertisement for repeated tasks or responsibilities. These crucial phrases, or keywords, are the keys to landing an interview invitation.

Rules for Writing Great Resume Objectives

Let’s review our seven great resume objective pillars by looking at the following successful examples:

“Skilled and creative lead engineer with 10 years' experience overseeing products through conception, development, and publication. Advanced knowledge of JavaScript software. Proven team leader with collaborative spirit.”

lead engineer Profile image

“Digital marketing professional with 10+ years of experience. Offering specialization in email with experience leading teams towards increased customer loyalty and retention.”

digital marketing professional profile image

Our jobseekers wrote powerful and compelling resume objectives. You can leave an equally strong and lasting impression by following the 3-rule cheat sheet below.


Resume objectives should be near the top of a resume. You want it to be one of the first things someone reviewing your resume will read.


Resume objectives should be short and precise. Aim for 3-5 sentences.


Great resume objectives include a mix of your best qualities, skills, and accomplishments as well as how you will add value to your new employer’s business.

Remember that an effective summary statement, or modern resume objective, quickly defines who you are and how you will improve a company. Focus your energy on summarizing your strongest areas of expertise and professional accomplishments.

Final Thoughts on Resume Objectives

Our final bit of advice: your resume is your big chance to make a lasting first impression – be sure to introduce yourself as a secure and reliable business partner. Write an objective statement that perfectly summarizes your positive abilities and successful history. This professional document is crucial in launching what could be a fulfilling and long-term career.