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Looking to change or start a new career? Great! We have career guides, written by career experts, that have answered the most important questions about your career and what you need to jump into your new job.

Portrait of two factory workers pointing away while working with piping and machines in modern workshop.

Education and Training Required to Become a Hydrologist

The work of a hydrologist may seem simple, but it actually involves an in-depth knowledge of several scientific processes. As a result, a Master’s degree is typically the minimum amount of hydrologist education required in order to work in this career field. Getting Ready in High SchoolWhile in high school, those who wish to become […]

Male stockbroker watching charts and data analyses on multiple computer screens

Education and Training Required to Become a Stock Broker

No specific education or training is required, other than for licensing, to become a stock broker. Some stock brokers have even entered the business with little or no college training. Most of them, however, use a career path that includes some type of bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree is another step toward this career, though […]

Man collecting water samples from a stream in the forest

Education and Training Required to Become a Wildlife Biologist

The amount of education that a wildlife biologist needs to secure the best job possible varies depending upon the position desired. Many employers ask for a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Others, however, may require additional training depending upon the work to be completed. Some wildlife biologists advance with a doctorate degree. High School A […]

Businessman reviewing a resume at his desk

How To Become An Accredited Investor?

To become an accredited investor one needs to achieve a particular financial status as this is a designation conferred by the US Securities and Exchange Commission on individuals, corporations and companies that have been granted a special privilege of taking part in investment programs or opportunities that have to comply with strict regulations put into […]

Helicopter flying above burning mountain

How To Become An Aerial Firefighter?

Find the thrill of danger and the satisfaction of saving human lives, as well as contributing to the protection of your country’s forest and coast lines a challenging and rewarding career?Then becoming an Aerial Firefighter is a good career option for you! Read on to find out about the qualifications and training required to become […]

Two girls perform acrobatic elements in the air.

How To Become An Aerialist?

Being an Aerialist is not a run of the mill job. This is why you are unlikely to find an advertisement for it in the local papers or even on the many online job portals one finds easy to locate regular sort of job opportunities in.However, if you feel being an Aerialist is your true […]

Skydiver under a small blue canopy of a parachute is landing on airfield, close-up.

How To Become An Aerobatic Instructor?

An Aerobatic instructor is a Stunt Pilot with several years of specialized training, experience in developing and practicing ‘sky dance’ routines and the ability to impart those skills to other licensed pilots. Step 1: Determine personal and professional skill levels requiredLearn about flying, earn a private pilot’s license and develop the necessary skills for performing […]

Usher opening a rope barrier to a red carpet

How To Become An Agent For A Celebrity?

People from an advertising background or prior experience with PR firms make good agents for celebrities, but that is not to say that others from regular fields cannot succeed in the same line.To become an agent for a celebrity, there are a few basic qualifications that definitely boost your chances for success – and also […]

Man talking to a group of actors at a studio

How To Become An Agent For Actors?

Your job profile as an agent for actors will involve helping the actors in your client portfolio land good roles in films by providing them the best liaison service between various movie production studios and their professional expertise.Here’s where to begin: Step 1: Understand the job profile of an actor’s agent In order to continuously […]