Leasing consultants are important to property management companies and consumers because they ensure that leases are fulfilled and that tenants are happy with their homes. The following leasing consultant interview questions and answers will ensure that you are the best candidate for the job.

What Are Your Career Goals?

Since most people do not go to high school or college anticipating becoming a leasing consultant, many interviewers will assume that you are interested in furthering your career—as you should be. This question allows you to provide this information to your interviewer. “I intend to work as a leasing consultant for a few years, but I would eventually like to own my own property management company” is a great answer as long as it is truthful. “I have not focused on the future yet, but I am very dedicated to my career and I have the education and experience it takes to do the job well” is another good answer if you are unsure about the future.

Why Do You Feel You will Excel at This Job?

This question presents an excellent opportunity for you to discuss your education, qualifications and personal traits. You might say something like “I studied property management as well as behavior during my college years and I have two years’ experience in real estate. I can gauge the homes or apartments in which clients will be interested based solely upon the needs of their families. Finally, my organizational skills will allow me to schedule appointments or showings confidently and arrive for them punctually.” This shows your interviewer that you have all of the skills necessary to become successful not only for yourself, but also for your employer.

What Motivates You to Succeed?

Your interviewer will likely want to know the reasons why you will remain motivated to do your best during your employment with the company. Perhaps you are interested in being challenged, but you may also have interest in being recognized for your hard work in the form of the number of sales you can attain. A great example answer for this question is “I always do my best in everything, including my job. I take pride in my success, and I also want the company for which I work to be successful. Being affiliated with a company that is known for its excellence is very important to me.”

What is Your Greatest Weakness?

This question is often asked in leasing consultant interviews so that interviewers can determine your ability to overcome your own personal shortcomings. You may say something such as “I feel that my greatest weakness is my tendency to focus on only one aspect of my job. However, I am learning more about multitasking strategies so that I can overcome this and perform more efficiently.” You may also say “I sometimes struggle with my fear of failure, but I am working to overcome this by honing all of my skills in other areas. The better I know my job, the less this shortcoming affects me.”
A leasing consultant must have very strong conversational skills, so this should be a very important consideration during your interview. You must be able to get your point across accurately, so it is recommended that you practice answering these questions in advance of your interview.