As a personal trainer, you will help people meet their fitness goals as well as help your employer gain a positive reputation within the community. The following personal trainer interview questions and answers will help your potential employer discover whether or not you are the best fit for the position.

Why Do You Want to Work for Us?

Before you go to your interview, and preferably before you even apply for a position, you should visit the facility’s website and try to find their mission statement. This is valuable information that can help you determine the overall goals of the facility. With it, you can answer this question accurately and in a way that shows your employer that you are serious about the job. “I reviewed your company’s mission statement and found it to be on target with my own goals. I feel that everyone has the right to a healthy, fit body and I would like to be associated with a company that is dedicated to helping its clients become physically fit” is a fantastic answer.

Where Do You See Your Career in Five Years?

Although you should be honest with your answer, you should only provide information that will be helpful to your interviewer. “I would like to be married with at least one child and I would like to be employed with your company” is not the answer your employer wants. “In five years, I would like to have at least a few years’ experience as a trainer under my belt and possibly return to school so that I can further my career” is a much better answer because it helps your employer better plan for the long-term.

Describe a Difficult Client and How You Helped Him or Her

This is a great time to showcase your abilities. If you do not have any work experience as of yet, you can provide some information about a friend’s experience or one that you may have witnessed. “During my training, my instructor was faced with the challenge of helping a client with multiple health issues become fit. Although it took a long time and plenty of communication with the client as well as the client’s physician, the trainer was able to develop a plan that worked for the client and her condition. Today, the client is physically fit and completely healthy” is a good answer because it shows that you paid attention and that the client’s experience moved you to act.

What is Your Philosophy When it comes to Training?

Here, your interviewer wants to know your approach to training. Are you a motivator who is interested in ensuring that people get in 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day? Do you feel that everyone should work out their hardest in order to get ‘ripped’? You should be honest with your answer, especially if you feel that you will be bringing something fresh and new to the facility. “During my studies, I related best with the trainers who were patient with their clients and helped them realize that they could get fit if they were able to stay motivated. It is my philosophy that people need to find and maintain the motivation to stay healthy, and it is my goal to provide it” is a great example.

Personal trainers play a very important role in people’s lives. They are responsible for motivating their clients to participate in workouts, and they must also recognize their client’s achievements as well as hone their abilities. The questions above will help your interviewer determine your readiness for the job.