Security guards have jobs that fluctuate wildly. While some days or nights may pass without incident, others may put the guard’s life in danger. The following security guard interview questions and answers will help your potential employer determine whether or not you can handle the excitement of the job—or the lack thereof.

How Would You Handle a Dangerous Situation as the Only Guard on Duty?

This question will give your interviewer a good idea of how you will respond to security threats under pressure. However, it is more likely that you will be given a hypothetical situation similar to: “If you were the only guard on duty and a masked man with a gun demanded entry into the facility, what would you do?” The best way to answer this question is in accordance with your employer’s company policy. “I would follow the company protocol for handling this situation. First, if the perpetrator indicates that he or she has a gun, I would allow the individual entry. I would then use the provided device to silently call the police and follow the gunman’s instructions until help arrived.”

How Do You Stay Motivated during Quiet Periods?

Sometimes, security guards are assigned to facilities during off-hours simply to protect the property and merchandise. Because of this, you may have to fight bouts of boredom from time to time. You should take the time to review your potential employer’s policies, but there is one universal answer that is always acceptable. “If I found myself growing bored at my station, I would walk the perimeter of the area for a change of scenery. I take protecting a company’s goods very seriously and would not attempt to do anything that would distract me from my duties.”

Are You Familiar with Using a Baton/Taser/Gun?

Depending upon your level of training and the company for which you are interviewing, you may be provided with a baton, Taser or gun for your own personal protection. Most security guards do not have the clearance to wield guns; these are reserved for police officers, instead. There are some exceptions to this rule, however. “During my training, I learned how and when to properly use a Taser” is a good answer, but be sure to back it up with the basic guidelines of the Taser’s use. “I have never used a baton, but I am a quick learner and I understand the situations in which its use may be necessary for my own protection or to protect others” is another good example.

Do You Work Well with Others?

In some situations, you may be required to work alongside other security guards—particularly if the facility you are protecting is large. In this case, proper communication is absolutely crucial for ensuring your safety as well as the safety of your fellow security guards. “I understand that teamwork and good communication skills are important for ensuring safety. I work effectively with a team, a partner or even alone” is a great way to answer this question. Not only are you stating that you work well with others, but you are also indicating that you are flexible enough to work alone, as well.

Although a security guard is responsible for protecting property and merchandise, you are also responsible for protecting yourself, your coworkers and any employees who may be on duty during your shift. These questions are designed to provide your interviewer with the information he or she needs to hire you.