A position as a special education teacher can be hard to come by, so being able to win over an interviewer with honesty, knowledge and credentials is very important. Listed here are some of the special education teacher interview questions and answers that may apply in an interview for such a position as well as some information that can help you provide the best answers.

What Procedures Will You Use to Maintain Order Among Students?

Since your primary goal as a special education teacher is to ensure that your students obtain the education necessary to lead productive lives, your interviewer will likely ask you how you maintain calm in the classroom so that everyone has equal learning opportunities. You should reply in the following manner: “I set clear rules at the beginning of the school year and apply a routine to everyday learning. I work with my students so that they understand which rules and procedures apply directly to them at all times. I also explain and demonstrate the penalties for breaking the rules clearly and ensure that each student is treated fairly.”

Have You Ever Dealt with an Especially Disruptive Student?

When working with special needs children, you will likely discover that you will be required to implement disciplinary procedures that may differ from those used in typical classrooms. Your interviewer will ask you this question for various reasons. First, he or she will want to learn about your feelings towards students who tend to be disruptive and how you handle this on a personal level. Next, the interviewer will want you to list the steps you have taken to correct such behaviors in a way that is conducive to not only the disruptive child, but also for the rest of the classroom.

How Will You Assess the Progress of Your Students?

As a special education teacher, your duties will go far beyond managing and promoting good behavior; you will be providing an education that stays with your students for their entire lives. As such, your interviewer will ask about your methods for assessing your students’ progress. The school at which you are applying may have its own standards that you will be expected to follow, but you should mention some of your own assessment techniques as well as the ways in which you have adapted them to meet the needs of your students. You should also mention the ways in which your methods address each student’s strengths and weaknesses—and provide specific examples.

Why Did You Choose to Become a Special Education Teacher?

While there is really no right or wrong answer to this question, you should remember to be as specific as possible while keeping your answer short. You should also be prepared to elaborate on your answer, if asked. For example, if you have a friend or family member with special needs, you may have personally witnessed some of the struggles these individuals face and entered the field with the intention of making a difference. It is also possible that you entered the field because making a difference in the life of a child with special needs is self-fulfilling.

A job as a special education teacher can be very rewarding for you, the children with whom you work and their families. These questions and more will help your interviewer determine whether or not you will be a good fit with the learning institution and the children you will be teaching.