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When it comes to your career it is important that you know your worth and what factors can help you increase your salary. Our career experts have explored several careers to tell you what salary you could earn and the factors that affect your salary.

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Job Salary

Account Executive Salary

Account executive salary figures can fluctuate somewhat based upon the individual’s level of education, location and even expertise. While some account executives are paid hourly, others rely on commissions from sales to truly make a living. National Average The amount of money an account executive can earn depends upon the industry in which he or […]

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Assistant Property Manager Salary

An assistant property manager is often responsible for a specific rental property—typically an apartment or office complex—under the supervision of an individual property manager or a property management company. Assistant property manager salary figures fluctuate greatly based on many factors; the most influential of these is location. National Average According to the Bureau of Labor […]

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Astronomer Earnings and Benefits

As is true of most every career field, the standard benefits and earnings are a compelling factor in leading career minded individuals towards one career or another. In the case of the astronomer, as is the case with many intensive scientist jobs, the salary is moderately high. This is due not just to the responsibility […]

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Astrophysicist Salary

Many years of education and a lot of brainpower goes into being successful in this career, and astrophysicist salary figures across the country are a reflection of this. Although there is not a lot of demand for employees in this industry, those individuals who are lucky enough to land lucrative positions have very handsome incomes. […]

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Athletic Trainer Salary

Athletic trainers work in various parts of the industry, whether they help to prepare high school athletes for college sports or train National Football League (NFL) players to do their best during their next game. These things affect athletic trainer salary figures; location, experience and even reputation also affect these individuals’ annual incomes. National Average […]

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Barber Salary

Barbers have been around for centuries and whether they work for large chain hair salons or under the old-fashioned red, white and blue barbers’ pole, their salaries are much the same. The following barber salary figures reflect the amount of money these individuals can earn in various settings. National Average The Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

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Caregiver Salary

Caregivers are referred to as personal care aides in the professional world, and because there are so many settings in which they can find employment, their salaries are widely ranged. The following caregiver salary information provides details about average salaries in a variety of settings and locations. National Average According to the Bureau of Labor […]

Photographer taking pictures of a model in a studio
Job Salary

Photographer Earnings and Benefits

One of the most vital aspects of a career that a person should know prior to entering into the profession is, of course, how much he can expect to be paid at the start and during the course of his career. In the case of the photographer, there are a number of factors that can […]

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Volcanologist Salary

A volcanologist is a type of geoscientist who studies active and dormant volcanoes—both on land and at the bottom of the sea—in order to learn more about the Earth. It is certainly an exciting specialty in the realm of geoscience, but it does not pay as well as some of the other specialties within that […]