If you want to make an impression on your potential employer, it is important that you come to your interview prepared to answer a wide variety of questions. The following hair stylist interview questions and answers will help you stand out from your competitors.

Explain a Situation in which You Handled Many Tasks at Once.
Hair stylists are responsible for much more than simply cutting and styling hair. They must schedule appointments, provide advice over the telephone, give consultations, work with clients to find a style that meets their wants as well as their needs and much more. As such, your employer will want to ensure that you are capable of multitasking. “I was once the only stylist available to answer the phone, work with clients and restock supplies. In this situation, it is important to assess the needs of the clients first and perform other tasks in between as needed” is a fantastic answer. It shows that you will always put the needs of the clients first, but that you will not forget your other duties.

What is Your Personal Style?
This can certainly be a fun question to answer, and although you may be tempted to provide an answer that you think your interviewer wants to hear, it is more important to be completely honest. After all, your personal style could bring something new and fresh to a salon, and this may be exactly what your potential employer is looking for. “My style is retro chic and I enjoy this style because it brings a crisp, modern edge to classic cuts and styles” is an excellent example. Be sure that you prepare an answer for this question ahead of time; it is asked in almost every hair stylist interview.

Do You Communicate Effectively?
If you are to make your clients happy with your skills and expertise, you must be able to communicate and listen effectively. Your client may know the hairstyle he or she wants, but if you are not prepared to listen very carefully, you could end up with a very dissatisfied customer on your hands. “I understand that each client also has a personal style. I take the time to listen to the client and then relay my ideas. In the event that a client shows me a picture of a hairstyle that is not quite possible for any reason, I take the time to explain why and offer alternatives that will work better.” This answer shows that you respect your clients and that you are prepared to work hard to meet their needs.

How Do You Keep Up with Trends?
Hairstyle trends are very important because many of your clients will be men and women who enjoy a more modern look. There are many ways for you to keep up with trends in hairstyles, and your employer will want to know your favored method. “I have subscriptions to multiple fashion magazines and I pay close attention to what is trendy in large cities around the world. I also ask my clients about any hairstyles they have seen or in which they may be interested. In some cases, I ask them to show me a picture of the hairstyle in a magazine. It not only helps me stay knowledgeable, but it builds rapport with the clients” is a fantastic answer.
As a hair stylist, it is your job to help your clients put their best faces forward every day of their lives. You will need to project confidence and communication skills in order to get the job, so be sure to practice these answers a few days before your interview.