Fashion Merchandising Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Adler,

I am applying for the Fashion Merchandising position available at SBH Fashion, Inc. I have included my resume with a detailed look at my education, training and skills but here is a brief look at my credentials.

I have a great eye for fashion, a degree in Merchandising and three years of experience holding this position with a well-established retail company in the area. This combination makes me the perfect applicant for this position.

My experience includes performing the administrative work associated with this position. I have a good eye for detail, excellent communication and negotiating skills that will guarantee your company the best deals on your merchandise. I have excellent analytical abilities and the ability to solve problems in a fast and efficient manner.

I have the ability to choose the best merchandise for your company based on your brand’s image and to choose fashions that will sell based on the type of customers your company deals with the most. This requires knowledge of the demographics, average age of customers and the average wages of the consumers in the area. I also stay updated on all the latest trends, fads and consumer reaction to the newest fashions to hit the market.

I can determine and meet your financial objectives by choosing merchandise that can be sold at a reasonable price to encourage sells but that will still make your company a profit. Visualization is also very important and I have experience displaying merchandise in such a way that draws attention and encourages sales.

You can contact me for an interview by calling (555)-555-5555.



Rena Larrick

Encl: Resume

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