If you are in the process of writing a Dear Reader letter, then the likelihood is that you are in actual fact addressing several people. You might be introducing people to a body of your work or something like that. There is not too much of a strict format to writing this sort of letter, but there are still right and wrong things to say and do. It is always advisable to follow a dear reader letter format so we have put together a dear reader letter format for you to follow on this page should you be putting one of these letters together.
First of all there is no need for Name and address in one of these letters. You simply start with ‘Dear Reader’!
Dear Reader,

Paragraph 1:

Explain what the purpose of the letter is, and keep things very relaxed and informal with a couple of introductory sentences.

Paragraph 2:

Expand on the first paragraph and explain a bit more about what this letter is directing the reader to. Here you should be using two or three sentences.

Paragraph 3:

This should be the conclusion to your letter, and it is in this paragraph that you will be trying to direct the readers to whatever it is you are pushing them towards. Try to include a call to action for your readers and remember to thank them for their time.