Writing a declaration letter takes patience and an understanding of how these things are put together. You should follow a declaration letter format to make sure that you get this important document absolutely right. Here we have put together a declaration letter format that you can follow as you put together your declaration which will help you to stick to the rules governing this sort of letter.

Contact information

Your Name
Zip Code

Contact information

Name of recipient
Zip Code
Dear (insert last name here)

Paragraph 1:

Here you should state the purpose of writing the letter, and explain that you are making a declaration. This should not be more than two sentences.

Paragraph 2:

In this second paragraph you should go on to make your declaration and explain the reasons behind it. This can be two to three sentences, but ideally not more than that.

Paragraph 3:

This section is should be a concluding paragraph which should reiterate your statement and if you wish, it should also have some sort of call to action for the recipient of the letter in terms of your declaration. You should also finish with a polite sentence thanking the reader for their time, and if appropriate to the letter, indicate that you are looking forward to hearing from them soon.

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