Automation Engineer Job Description

The job of an automation engineer involves designing, programming, simulating and testing automated processes and machinery, followed by creating detailed documentation or manuals for the fully functional projects.

Education/Experience Requirements A successful candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical, automation or electrical engineering. Additional courses in statistics, databases, fluid dynamics, or robotics is an advantage. Larger companies prefer candidates with a master’s degree in automation engineering or 2+ years experience in industries such as food processing, bio-technology, automotive, pharmaceutical, wastewater, systems design, or manufacturing, among others.

Skills Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, solid understanding of a software development and computer programming, highly organized and creative, possess engineering leadership, strong research skills, excellent written and communication skills and proficiency in hardware and software development and troubleshooting.

Specific work elements Designing process improvement projects; keeping up-to-date with latest developments in industrial automation technology and using these studies in improving productivity and promoting cost effectiveness; keeping track of engineering changes and updating necessary documents; assisting in setting up, operating and maintaining machines.

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