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Forklift Operator Resume

When writing a Forklift Operator Resume remember to include your relevant work history and skills according to the job you are applying for. Whether you're seeking an entry-level position or have been in your career for a few years, exposing your relevant achievements in your resume can allow you to stand out and get that job interview.

This resume example is a great representation of what a hiring manager is looking for in a Forklift Operator Resume. Feel free to use this example for reference as you create your own resume or use this easy resume builder that will guide you through every step of your building your resume in just a few minutes.

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Here is the Forklift Operator Resume example:

A forklift operator uses machinery to move various objects. He or she may be transporting building materials around a construction site or food goods in a warehouse. Forklifts are a key means of transferring heavy or bulky objects from one place to another; they are vital to the success of many industries. Forklift operators must be able to manipulate these machines around large objects, through tight spaces, and over uneven ground. Candidates need to be visually attentive.

A forklift operator resume should convey the sense of maturity and responsibility necessary for operating heavy machinery. Extensive education is not often required, although some employers will require a high school diploma or the equivalent. For the most part, operators are trained during the first few weeks on the job by a supervisor or another experienced employee. Having prior experience operating a forklift can be a very attractive quality in an applicant and should therefore be emphasized. Below are three example forklift operator resume formats that illustrate candidates at various levels of qualification.

Entry-Level Resume

An entry-level resume should include some sort of previous volunteer experience or extracurricular achievement to prove to employers that the candidate has the maturity level and professionalism to be competent on the job. In the forklift operator resume sample below, Mr. Bonfil includes his summer job mowing lawns to demonstrate his work ethic.

Abraham Bonfil


185MaplewoodDrive, Arundel, ME04046

T: (207) 967-2974

E: [email]


SUMMARY Hardworking forklift operator candidate seeks employment in fast paced and engaging work environment. Works well with a team. Has 20/20 vision. Familiar with operating simple machines such as law mowers and snow blowers. Excellent communication skills.


EDUCATION Kennebunk High School, 2010-2014

High School Diploma


  • Operation of light machinery
  • Dedicated worker
  • Excellent vision
  • Emotional maturity
  • Team player

    VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Arundel, 2008-2014

    Grounds Keeper

    Maintained the properties of parents and several neighbors including mowing grass on a regular basis; raking leaves and snow blowing driveways seasonally; occasional edging, trimming, and weed whacking.


    REFERENCES Available upon request

    Mid-Level Professional Resume

    A candidate who has worked for over three years in the field is considered a mid-level professional. At this point, the applicant should focus more on past experience than education, and specify that they are OSHA certified.Employers prefer candidates who are already proficient and thus require less time to train. In the forklift operator resume sample below, Ms. Lovallo describes the professional skills she has developed over the course of several years employed as a forklift operator.

    Kara Lovallo
    5701Otter Creek Court | Eau Claire, WI54701 | Home: (555)-555-5555 |Email: [email]

    Forklift Operator

    Four years of experience operating heavy machinery

    • Knowledge: Familiar with proper inventory practices including the appropriate rotation techniques of perishable foods and how to keep an ongoing account of product availability and location.
    • Maintenance: Preserve a clean and orderly work environment, organize and re-label products as necessary, keep forklift in good working condition and report any problems that may arise.
    • Safety: Always strictly adhere to the established best practices and safety protocols. OSHA certified.

    Technical Skills
    • Forklift Operation: Posses a valid operator’s license issued by the state of Missouri.
    • Computers: Familiar with both Microsoft and Macintosh computers, proficient in Microsoft Office.


    Forklift Operator, 2013 to Present

    Full time forklift operator in a food and beverage production company’s warehouse, work with a team of other operators to transfer and store products while maintaining an accurate inventory.
    • Store: Move products within warehouse to maintain order and cleanliness, rotate perishable food items according to their expiration dates.
    • Transfer: In accordance with demand, package and transport products to shipping facilities, adjust warehouse inventory to reflect the changes.
    • Inventory: Keep an accurate and detailed account of all the products in the warehouse, where they are stored, and, if applicable, when they expire.

    Forklift Operator, 2011 to 2013

    Full time forklift operator for a major lawn and garden care products manufacturer.
    • Protect: Loaded and unloaded delivery trucks with care in order to ensure none of the product were damaged.
    • Organize: Stored products based on categories, participated in regular housekeeping tasks such as cleaning, relabeling, and forklift tune-ups.
    • Account: Executed basic math functions such as addition, subtraction, and division in order to pick and stage the correct products needed for each delivery.


    High School Diploma, 2011

    Completed full high school course load with a B+ grade average.

    Experienced Professional Resume

    An experienced forklift operator is someone who has worked in the same position for more than seven years. A forklift operator resume at this point should demonstrate the candidate’s wealth of knowledge and skills learned over the years. In the forklift operator sample resume below, Mr. Vaughan starts out by explaining why he is qualified for the job, and then details his most recent positions and the responsibilities required of him.

    Rory Vaughan

    Email: [email]

    1809BenniganDrive | Hilliard, OH43026 | H: (614) 451-7452 | C: (209) 235-9258

    Forklift Operator

    Highly experienced and hardworking forklift operator seeks new employment opportunities. Efficient, organized, and consistently safe, this candidate has over seven years of experience operating a forklift in a warehouse environment. Firm knowledge of standard inventory practices, basic math skills, and computer operation. Able to lift and hold over 50 pounds. Excellent communication skills
    Forklift operation / Inventory management and ordering

    Communication / Computation / Time management


    Nestle Waters North America – Forklift Operator, Hilliard, OH 2010 -Present
    Full Steam Staffing – Forklift Operator, Salinas, CA 2006-2010
    Oldcastle Precast– Forklift Operator, Stockton, CA 2004- 2006
    Edison High School – High School Diploma 2000-2004