Teaching Resume Examples

Professional resumes differ not only in use of specific terminology but also vary in the objectives list. So at first, it’s better to define the characteristics of a profession according to which an employer will evaluate prospect employees.

A teacher resume should portray a responsible, flawless, children-loving, caring and creative person. He\she should be a good manager. It’s an average portrait of a qualified teacher, so the resume objectives and resume parts must stress these qualities. Here are the examples of such prof-oriented resume objectives (usually included into a “Profile” section):

  • As an experienced teacher, I would like to apply unique practices of teaching that get students interested in the subject.
  • As an entry-level teacher, my goal is to learn strategies of teaching. I would like to explore and share my fresh knowledge between students and other teaching staff.
  • With my experience and knowledge, I would like to bring a major change in the education system by the contribution of innovative ideas in the process of teaching.
  • As a good communicator, I would like to interact with people, and work as a self-motivated person for planning organizational procedures and school events, to what contributes my rich experience.

Besides carefully chose objectives for a teacher’s resume it’s quite important to mention certificates, list of honors and any relevant extra-teaching experience like camp counselor e.t.c… It’s also appropriate to list some committees and organization you belong to (“Affiliations” section).

The following samples of a teacher resume will clarify other questions arising during resume composing: